Good Design Is Purposeful

Why this? Why was this decision made? Who is it for? Why place this here or there? Is the purpose obvious? Can its intended audience be obvious from its design?

Those are the first key questions you should ask of yourself regarding a design. You have to presume that your audience would ask the same questions. And, actually, they do. They may not voice it, except when they can't immediately find answers and have a reason to raise alarm.

Now "this" can mean the whole design, the entire creation, or an element of your design. Which might add another layer of complexity to your work, because it leaves you with the burden of questioning every element of the design, repeating the same questions over and over until you have satisfactory answer(s) for each part and for the whole. Seriously, it's tedious, but worthwhile.


  1. what works for one purpose may not for another - The DOET